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It is an honor to be selected to be the surgeon for a fellow eye doctor. Most refractive surgeons have not operated on even one fellow eye doctor. The list below details the eye doctor and the surgery performed by Dr. Salz:

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Dear Dr. Salz,

Thank you for giving me super vision! Because you trained me as a LASIK surgeon, I had the benefit of knowing of you and your work. I always knew that when it was time for me to get LASIK, I would go to you. My uncorrected vision remains better than 20/20 even months after my procedure. I am seeing better than I could with my contacts, and I was surprised to find that my dry eyes actually improved after LASIK because I no longer depend upon the contact lenses that were drying out my eyes for all those years. I know that glare, halos and star bursting can happen after LASIK, but in my case I see less far less star bursting after LASIK compared to what I saw with my contact lenses. In short, you have improved the acuity of my vision on the chart, decreased the distortions around points of light at night, and improved my dry eyes! I can wholeheartedly recommend LASIK as a wonderful treatment option for my patients now that you have performed the procedure on me and made me see how amazing it is. Moreover, I can proudly tell my patients that I was trained by only the best and have the eyes to prove it! Thank you so much! - Rodrigo J. Torres, M.D.

Dr. Salz,

I am myself a Lasik surgeon and subspecialty trained in Cornea, Lasik, and Refractive Surgery. I could have chosen any surgeon but chose to have my Lasik done with Dr. Salz. He is one of the most recognized Lasik surgeons in the world and is one of the leading pioneers in Lasik and Refractive Surgery. He was one of the earliest researchers in the field and has published hundreds of journal articles and textbook chapters. But most importantly, he is one of the most caring and compassionate physicians I know and he goes out of his way to make sure everything goes well. Dr. Salz did Lasik on both of my eyes and I couldn't be more thrilled. It says a lot about Dr. Salz to have a fellow eye surgeon choose him for Lasik - Dennis Lu, M.D.

Dr. Zimm - LASIK    

Dear Dr. Salz,

Thank you for my 20/15 vision!  My entire experience from initial consultation to LASIK procedure and subsequent follow up visits have been great.  You and your staff have been professional, knowledgeable, and quite caring.  As you know, I had high expectation and it is with great pleasure to let you know that my results have exceeded all my expectations.  What I appreciated most was the frank discussion on the possible negative side affects especially glare and haze at nighttime because of my large pupil size.  After the first night, I never experienced glare, in fact I see clearer now at night than I ever did with either glasses or contacts.  Thanks again, Dr. Salz, for an excellent job.


Bob Rhee, M.D.
Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellow

You have seen it on television. You have read it in magazines. You have heard it on the radio and from your friends. Well, I am glad you are doing the research and not jumping the gun. Allow me to share my personal experience with you. I have always been very nearsighted. I didn’t like wearing thick glasses. Contact lenses irritated my allergic eyes. I started to look for other options.

As a future optometrist, I had the best resources for researching corrective surgery. I stayed undecided throughout the three and half years of optometry school due to unconvincing and insufficient data. Fortunately, one of my fourth year internships involved Dr. James Salz. I observed laser surgery consultations and corrective surgery procedures, helped work up pre-operative and post-operative exams. I was impressed with the results and patient’s satisfaction. Just from Dr. Salz’s credentials and achievements, I had much respect for his capabilities. But most of all, I appreciated Dr. Salz's style and professionalism. For example, Dr. Salz believes in doing laser procedure on one eye at a time in the best interest of the patients. Dr. Salz fully discusses with patients about options, and the risks/benefits. The experience convinced me to go through the laser procedure solely with Dr. Salz.

Deciding to have laser procedure is an important decision to make. Having the right doctor makes it easier. Honestly, I had doubts about the procedure up to the day I was having it done. However, I reassured myself that if I am ever going to have it done, it would be now and with Dr. Salz. Dr. Salz also reassured me and guided me through the procedure. It was painless and fast.

Now, I have better than perfect vision. I am glad I made the decision to have laser surgery with Dr. Salz. I am a very satisfied and happy patient. Therefore, I highly recommend without reservation Dr. James Salz. Good Luck


Minh Truong, O.D.

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